The Wyman Hotel & Inn is a historic luxury hotel & B&B. The Wyman features authentic Victorian decor, yet, has the modern amenities you would expect in a luxury Inn.

Each Morning, we serve a gourmet breakfast; each afternoon we invite you to tea & pastries, followed by a wine & cheese social hour.
Silverton, Colorado 1-800-609-7845
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The Wyman Hotel & Inn
Wyman Innkeepers - Rodger & Tana Wrublik
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The Wyman Hotel Is The Proud Sponsor Of The Following Running Events
Runners Receive A 25% Discount
June 29th-30th - Silverton 6/12/24 Hour Run
July 12th - 14th - Hardrock 100 Mile Run
July 20th - Kendall Mountain Run - Single & Double
August 24th - Silverton Alpine Marathon & 50k
August 27th - Silverton 6 Day Run
September 1st - Silverton 24 Hour Run
August 31st - Silverton 48 Hour Run
August 30th - Silverton 72 Hour Run
August 27th - Silverton 1000 Mile Challenge
August 31st - Dillons Run (6 Mile Trail Run)